KBS Electrical Distributors, Inc. becomes the first distributor in Texas to use Cooper Power Systems’ Environment-Friendly Soy Oil (FR3) in their new 2010 DOE Compliant Transformers.

Posted on Jul 7, 2011 in KBS

Both KBS and Cooper Power Systems will collectively offer to help you have a smooth and cost efficient transition to the new 2010 DOE standards.

FR3 fluid is biodegradable, bio-based dielectric coolant that offers a number of advantages over petroleum-based mineral oil, including an improved environmental profile and enhanced transformer performance.

Today, more than 100 US-based utilities have made small and large scale commitments to switch to FR3 transformer fluid. While standard transformers function effectively and safely, we believe our customers expect more. The new transformers with soy-based coolant are another important aspect of our environmental leadership.

Cooper Power Systems began the development of FR3 fluid in the early 1990s as a substitute for a more flammable conventional transformer oil. In 2004, it partnered with Cargill, Inc. to produce and distribute Envirotemp FR3 in volume. Subsequent testing has proven the fluid’s characteristics also enhance transformer performance and life expectancy, while its vegetable base offers a much more environmentally desirable profile, all while providing numerous cost saving opportunities for utilities.